Justice Iacobucci Internal Inquiry Report

" I conclude that, while in Syrian detention, Mr. Almalki suffered mistreatment amounting to torture."


" ..  I find that mistreatment suffered by Mr. Almalki in Syria resulted indirectly from two actions of Canadian officials..    


"..The words "imminent threat" in particular were inflammatory, inaccurate, and lacking investigative foundation.."

" The RCMP appears to have described Mr. Almalki in this way without taking steps to ensure that the description was accurate or properly qualified. The description " linked through association to al Qaeda" and " imminent threat" did not originate in the RCMP's own investigation;... The description appear to have originated from another source; however, this source used these descriptions in respect of other individuals and not in respect of Mr. Almalki."


" I conclude that the actions of Canadian officials to provide consular services to Mr. Almalki in Syria were deficient .."


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   - House of Commons, Report of the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security:

  In the Parlimantary Standing Committee on Public safety and National Security report of June 2009, the Committee report said Pg14:


 In consideration of the harm done to Mr. Almalki, Mr. Abou-Elmaati and
 Mr. Nureddin, the Committee recommends:

- That the Government of Canada apologize officially to Mr.
Abdullah Almalki, Mr. Ahmad Abbou-Elmaati and Mr. Muayyed

- That the Government of Canada allow for compensation to be
paid to Mr. Almalki, Mr. Abou-Elmaati and Mr. Nureddin as
reparation for the suffering they endured and the difficulties
they encountered.

- That the Government of Canada do everything necessary to
correct misinformation that may exist in records administered
by national security agencies in Canada or abroad with
respect to Mr. Almalki, Mr. Abou-Elmaati and Mr. Nureddin and
members of their families.


 Fact Finder report

"Of all the testimony I heard, Mr. Almalki's revealed the most intense pain and suffering." "Mr. Almalki was especially badly treated, and for an extended period." Mr. Toope wrote in his report to Arar Commission.


Click here to read the full Fact Finder report prepared by Professor Steven J. Toope.

 United Nations report                      

United Nations human rights committee report, released on Nov 1, 2005, called on the Canadian government to establish a public and independent inquiry to review Mr. Abdullah Almalki's case, Mr. Ahmad Abou El Maati's case and others. (See section 16 of the report)


For the full UN HRC report, please click here.

Abdullah Almalki Info,
Oct 19, 2011, 7:59 PM
Abdullah Almalki Info,
Oct 19, 2011, 7:59 PM